Pest Webzine (Румыния) - 8,5/10

ОПРИЧЬ - Север вольный 2010OPRICH - North The Boundless [2010] CD

A lot of pagan metal bands (folk/black, black etc), which lyrics relate in any way for nationalism have charakteristic, unpleasant sounds... But Oprich is a one of special cases. „Sever Volnyi” was realased in 2010 and this is really folkmetal. That means – this is not blackmetal with electronic fluits in music backgrounds, this sounds included a lot of folk motifs. Oprich is Russian band that is why try to play „slavic” folk, but a lot of sounds are similar to typical celtic, baltic (lithuanian) or german’s motifs in european folkmetal. Nevertheless this material is much better than „nsbm mediocrity”, it possible to listen as folkmetal. Lyrics included really slavic heathen atmosphere, tracks are varied and interesring, lead singer has a really good voice. „Sever Volnyi” is a good balance beetween „pride and glory of Russian Nation” and inteligent mixed folk and metal, this album include a lot of typical Russian pathos but Oprich is one of of those Russian teams, which can play guitars and has idea and consequence activity. In any case - a pleasant surprise, the best track is a song about Slavic Midsummer (Kupala).


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